Mar 23, 2012

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Guilty Crown episode 22

Not bad, absolutely not bad at all. It has been a very long time since I enjoyed Guilty Crown this much, but it’s too bad that it was the final episode. The ending was very touching and it’s certainly not something that will be forgotten soon. So all in all I think it’s a success. The show’s ratings have been fluctuating a lot, but they have always been above average.  I guess that’s because it turned out to be a pretty good anime, congrats!

The final battle was indeed at hand. It was between Shu, Gai and Mana. Now, Mana, being the very definitely of evil, started her little apocalypse as soon as she “woke up”. I’m not sure how many people died before Shu managed to finish things, but there must’ve been several hundreds, or perhaps even thousands that lost their lives.

The battle itself was pretty intense. A lot of emotions clouded Shu’s judgement at first. He needed to remember why he was fighting in the first place, and it took Inori to remind him of that. He found Inori’s hidden message just in time, because otherwise things would’ve gotten very ugly. I didn’t want to see Gai die, but I was glad to see him go. He’s always been more of an eyesore to me.

After that, Shu decided to shoulder everyone’s burden by absorbing all of their ‘cancer’. It isn’t actually cancer, but what else could we call something that turns a human’s body into crystals? Anyway, it was very noble of him, especially when he was completely willing to sacrifice himself to save all those lives. There was not a second where he hesitated to sacrifice himself, now that’s what I call a hero!

I still don’t entirely get this, but it seems to me like Mana, the evil villain of the show, got defeated a little bit too easily. Hell, I didn’t even realize that she was defeated until I saw the credits. It was really strange, but alright, I’ll go with the flow. I just wanted to see a little bit more of that, you know, especially after they made such a big fuss about her awakening.

There’s only one thing that I’m a little disappointed about… I wanted to see Inori-chan again! I really hoped that Shu would find a way to spare her life, a way for Inori to regain control over her own body. But no, it seems that poor Inori-chan is really gone for good. I realized that when I saw that building collapse. I knew immediately that Inori wouldn’t return. Still, I’m glad that Shu, despite his history of strange mood swings, made it out alive, even though he probably was planning on killing himself to save the others. I guess Inori-chan just wouldn’t allow it.

The show was pretty good. There were times where I lost a bit of interest in it. Like when Shu kept changing his mind and all, but I’m really glad that I held in there. Both the story and the artwork turned out to be really good, so I have no regrets here. To those who have been following my Guilty Crown posts; thanks for hanging in there, hehe.

Guilty Crown episode 22 screencaps

  1. i saw somewhere that it is already decided that it will end in 22 episode, but did it mean its first season>? or the whole story ends? cuz its a good anime n idk y would they decided that b4 they start the anime.

  2. lcollier93sbcglobalnet says:


    What did you think of the final episode of Guilty Crown? I absolutely loved the ending. It was bitter sweet, though. I’m so glad Shu lived, however, him ending up blind? I actually thought Shu was going to die until he grabbed that thing Inori made with the string. Then I knew he would live, however, Oma ending up blind was something I never expected. Great twist. Oh, if it’s not already obvious I have not yet read the manga. I plan on it, though. Also, too bad Inori died. I loved that end where it showed all the past episodes where Inori and Shu were together and then showed Inori at the very end. That is probably one of my favorite endings to a show.

  3. Benihana says:

    Will there be no more? Will there be another season or something like that?

  4. forahobby says:

    Will there be more of the anime after episode 22? Will there be another season? I think there is a manga but does that manga end in the same point of the story as the manga? I really loved this anime and I want to see more of it. If you know anything of more episodes or anything about the manga then please tell me.
    Yea Ive watched Code Geass and I liked it but did not like the ending there either. I did not like how the characters bodies looked kind of weird in CG though… they were all super skinny.

  5. I think guilty crown is one huge hypocrisy on tv shu loving his sister then leaving her to die and hes blaming her for much of the things in the world it wasnt manas fault she didnt know that she would be infected with the apocalypse virus and about that virus shu made it much worse started the whole mess on lost christmas incident when he called her a monster she lost control completely shus to blame for most of the damage as well as daath and the old man shuichiro who worked daath were to blame daath was selfish wanted to change rhings because he thought it was best for everyone that way well GOD
    could have disagreed with him even LUCIFER(satan) mana was never evil to begin with she was just used, misguided and a little naive the apoclypse virus made change partly in how she thought how she reacted too and what feelings to show the anger was probably the virus making her be able to feel anger, hate and do things when shes angry or upset shu was an big fat idiot not to remember about the apocalypse virus if it changed her in some ways lets say if LUCIFER was changed after pain, hatred and dark forms of negative energy changing him and influencing him to commit evil actions it would been the same thing more or less sometimes its not always what it seems even on the surface GOD knows pain and anger can cloud humans minds
    im sure he does and it would been saying much if GOD didnt want a apocalypse to happen but being too weak and tired at moment to stop apocalypse if old age held him back (no offense) and if daath did something to prevent angels from heaven even hell form interfering it would say much and the fact that god could have let inori, mana and gai live if given them a last chance but i would almost think that no one getting to live and shu not dying its like fate gave shu and mana the big middle finger some could think GOD would hate mana because she holds apocalypse and she loving her little brother more than anything else it would be hypocrisy but who am i to decide GOD hates someone or judging someone because of how one is behaving and personality and even loving a relative
    incest as you call it incest is not wrong not evil but i guess the writers tried to make it seem incest is wrong shu calling mana a monster and not apologizing for how he treated her before would be something the writers would think of kicking idea of sibilings in love down so much you would be scared maybe of divine punishment but it isnt that simple GOD wouldnt be hard on two having incest and even becoming married i think actions are what matters if one felt guilt and regret not wanted to do it again GOD could give the human a second chance
    it would have been smae with mana he could give her a chance to go to heaven if she didnt mean to kill humans actually i think GOD would have been upset with shu if he would even think of shu as a sinner being insensitive to his sisters feelings not trying to say things in easier way and try to honour her feelings or if he had been able to have had sister live again he could have let his sister live with both him and inori if at being close not be married or lovers but at least spend time as a family well inori was actually a part of mana so to speak so it would still be like incest so writers made it so inori died too and then made everyone believe inori was inside shu with him its an example you swallow crap that incest is evil and wrong even disgusting then have beastiality if you cant stand incest if you even not have spine to try even if it goes badly a little then you could get over it its end of the world or be in hell for accidently hurting your relative youre idiots if you think incest is evil and wrong illuminati using society, morals and media to have you take everything like the mindless zombies you are and illuminati kicking you down and try forbidding incest because you dont get to be completely free to chose who you want to love if you were 20 years old and had feelings for your 17 year-old brother then id say you shouldnt been afraid getting rejected or be kicked by some being jealous and some male political pedophiles who sexually abuse and assault girls and wifes wanting to keep everyone to themselves then screw them and mess them up big time and then throw like used up toys thats how illuminati are like male politicans, male teachers, male businessmen (moslty billionaires) and few other older men wanting to force girls to have sex with them because illuminati influencing you to do it do it insult me jaw me sue everybody due me kick me kike me dont you black or white me all i wanna say is that they dont really care about us (from MICHAEL JACKSONs song they dont care about us) everywhere i turn no matter where i look the symstems in control its all run by the book i gotta get away so i free my
    mind xscape is what i need from electric i tried to share my life with someone i could love but games and money is all she ever thought of how could that be my fault when she gambled and lost im tired of silly games its time to make a change why is it i cant do whatever i want you go into my personal life i
    dont live for you (you) so dont you to try tell me what is right you do what you do i do what i want to do (from MICAEL JACKSONs song Xscape)i have tried to make my point do not follow incest if you want to continue being mindless zombies
    following all shit the media and society throws at you then you vote for republicans and democrats letting them start world war 3 and you cant help voting for either of them as the
    mindless zombies and idiots illuminati wants to make you very stupid killing those who can think straight and clear and those against them like MJ and even 2Pac probably going for eminem next as eminem seemed to be against illuminati that would make illuminati think Emiem poses as a threat to them because many of you would listen to him it would be same if one had 6 billion fans worldwide illuminati would want to use that solo artist because he/she could make their goal be much closer and kidnapp family if having family for example GOD knows that is possible and is scared of illuminati using the music against him insulting the music and using it against christianity itself i hope you heard everything and that illumianti wont win and that you break free try go for what your heart truly says not letting morals forcing you to back off to be like a cowards or being spineless and also you not voting for republicans and democrats because if you do we will all lose everything we have we be forced to for survival and if you remembered guilty crown you saw some betrayed others
    thats how it would turn out eventually if some rebelling if illuminati offically named themselves as the new world order and then you would sell out someone because you could gain something or oppression pushing you and the fear getting to you as for LUCIFER and his fellow angels i dont think they wanted to commit evil actions of free will but because of pain and hatred if you thought about it you could see that LUCIFER on the inside wouldnt necessarily be evilmaybe stubborn but and wild but not desiring to kill he may wanted to lead many without GOD trying to supervise him want to stand on two feet as some could call it or independanbce as we know i think LUCIFER felt tired of having to obey for the rest of his life wanted to ake new step even if not be perfect leader but he could still have been a great leader it takes effort of course and not hesitating thats all bye GOD BLESS YOU AND MAY LUCIFER BLESS YOU TOO.

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