Jan 20, 2012

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Guilty Crown episodes 12 & 13

Oh boy, I haven’t kept up to date with Guilty Crown at all, that’s kind of embarrassing to have missed. Still, I will do my best to make up for it in this post. Also, is it just me, or is this show getting better? I saw some slight improvements in the artwork and the story just took a very interesting turn.

I finally got what I wished for; more information about Gai’s past. It seems that Shu used to have a sister called Mana. That sister once saved Gai’s life as a child together with Shu. It seems that Gai has always been indebted to those two, which is why he had that abnormal interest in Shu. It’s quite tragic, but nevertheless a great twist.

Still, Koudou kept getting in the picture with his twisted mind. He plans on resurrecting Mana, but she has gone completely insane. She tried to kill everyone, including Shu. They would’ve lost if it wasn’t for Shu. He remembered what happened that day to Mana, but he had no time to waste. He drew out Gai’s Void and used it to force his way through. Gai, once again, ended up getting sacrificed in order to save many lives.

What a beautiful story this has become, absolutely beautiful. Life still goes on, even after Gai’s untimely demise. Sure, it was hard at first, but time heals all emotional wounds! Okay, so they’ll never forget about him, but at one point they’ll learn to live without him.

I was happy to see how Shu pas progressed. Not just his mentally, but also his powers. He is now able to control Void’s while the hosts remain conscious. But it doesn’t end there, as the hosts are now also capable, thanks to Shu’s improvement, of using their own Voids. That’s a big step forward for Shu. But he’s not there yet, he has to train and improve a lot more if he wishes to take on that other Void user, not to mention the Anti-bodies. Shu will get a lot of chances to improve, after all; he’s still part of the Funeral Parlor.

Hell, he’ll never be allowed to forget about his position as a resistance fighter, especially since the Anti-bodies mounted yet another attack on innocent people. It was pretty sweet to see how Ayase managed to use and control her Void like that, kudos to her! Things will only get better from here on out. Gai may have passed away, but his legacy continues to grow stronger with each passing day!

The unexpected twists in this show really amaze me sometimes. It’s not just that, it’s also the general improvement that this show has been making. The fan base for Guilty Crown has grown pretty large over the past few weeks. Your average show would never have shown the same kind of results, absolutely never. I can’t wait to see more! Oh, and sorry for falling behind on Guilty Crown, I’ll make sure it never happens again.

  1. Great OP+ED and ayaseXshu ftw

  2. i was wondering what song it played when Hare was healing Shu, and hare dies after. while the song was playing in the background. anyone knows? Thanks in Advance

  3. The Season we are in now is Season 1 right?
    I have read something about a 2nd season, but is there a date of the next season??

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