Oct 4, 2014

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Gundam: G no Reconguista

Another kiddy Gundam series, huh? I find that children-friendly Gundam shows just aren’t worth it. There are very rare exceptions like Gundam Build Fighters, but this just doesn’t seem to be one of them. Gundam Wing is still number one. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve finished watching that one.

Gundam G no ReconguistaThe artwork is really old-school, I think. If you compare this to modern anime you see some incredible differences. Nevertheless, it doesn’t look all that bad. I do think that Gundam suit looks weird though, especially the eyes. They almost look friendly when they should strike fear into the hearts of the enemy.

It’s fortunate that I got to see two episodes right away. It allowed me to get a better grasp on the story, which isn’t all that amazing. I do have to admit that the start was definitely interesting. More than interest enough for me to watch the third episode.

Gundam die-hards such as myself will give this a try no matter what. Other mecha fans will probably like this too. I am just waiting for the third episode to see what happens to the protagonist. I’ll drop it immediately if it becomes one of those ‘come fight for our organisation and don’t ask any questions’ series.

Plot Summary: The Universal Century, with its history of colonization and wars, passes into posterity, and time flows on.

Mankind enters a new age of seemingly endless peace and prosperity called the “Regild Century”.

The year is R.C. 1014. The Capital Tower, an orbital elevator, connects earth and space. Due to its role in supplying Earth’s power by transferring Photon Batteries from space, it is worshiped with a religious fervor. Bellri Zenam, a cadet in the Capital Guard formed to protect Capital Tower, is participating in his first non-simulated exercise when he is attacked by the powerful but unaffiliated “G-Self” mobile suit. He manages to capture the G-Self while piloting a “Recten” maintenance mobile suit. However, seeing the G-Self’s pilot, a young space pirate named Aida Rayhunton, stirs something within him, as does the G-Self which he was sure he’d never seen before. Why does the G-Self accept Bellri as a pilot?

Aida’s mission to attack Capital Tower. Bellri’s destiny as a chosen pilot of the G-Self. The truth which will shake the Regild Century.

It was all the beginning of the Reconguista.

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