Apr 6, 2015

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Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation

I am not at all excited about this one. Yes, a lot of great studios are behind this one, but I simply have bad experienced when it comes to game-adapted anime. The stories are always ridiculous. The most recent disappointment would have to be Kentai Collection.

Gunslinger Stratos The AnimationSo the artwork is alright. I’m not surprised. Like I said; a lot of great studios have been working on it. The artwork is usually very good, especially when it comes to the characters. They usually look very unique and very interesting.

The first episode was very vague and not very interesting. I understand what is going on and I must say that it has been done to death. It might be alright to watch if you have nothing else to do, but I honestly wouldn’t be waiting for it all week long.

I simply cannot recommend this. Action fans will like it and those that have played the game will watch it either way, but I am not at all interested at this point. The first episode was very dull and not exactly innovative. Also, I thought it was weird that regular high school students could move as though they were combat tested. That was kind of weird.

Plot Summary: Anime adaptation of Square Enix’s arcade action game Gunslinger Stratos.

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