Dec 9, 2011

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.hack//The Movie 3D trailer online

The Japanese website Cinema Today began streaming a 111-second trailer for the .hack//The Movie (.hack//Sekai no Mukou ni) on Friday. The film will open in theaters throughout Japan on January 21, 2012.

The story is set in 2024, when children have lived their entire lives since birth in a world connected by networks. A cheerful 14-year-old middle school girl named Sora Yūki (Summer Wars‘ Nanami Sakuraba) has no interest in games, but her friends get her to go into the popular network game “The World.” However, due to “a certain incident” in The World, anomalies start occurring in the real world.

The film is directed by Hiroshi Matsuyama, a franchise alumni who worked on .hack//G.U. Returner.hack//G.U. Trilogy.hack//Liminality.hack//Quantum, and .hack//RootsKazunori Ito, writer of previous .hack works, is writing the script for the feature. CyberConnect2 sai, the animation arm of CyberConnect2, is animating the film.

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