Jul 17, 2012

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Hagure Yuusha no Estetica episode 02

This anime is so me, definitely. I mean, come on… It’s the second episode, yet the heroine got sexually molested and did we have a pretty detailed Yuri scene where two girls were going at it. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that the protagonist keeps taking girls’ underwear. Good stuff!

The episode starts with Miu’s inability to make up her mind; do I stay with this pervert or do I kill him and run away? Apparently, she wants to see whether or not Akatsuki is a ‘good’ guy. She probably didn’t get that impression when he practically raped her in his sleep. It’s a complicated situation, I agree, but he only took Miu with him because it was requested by her dying father. He was in no position to decline.

His first day at school didn’t go well either. He ended up beating some dumbass thug that tried to take on the role of the Alpha male. Poor guy; he was at the wrong place, during the wrong time and messed with the wrong guy. It wasn’t all good though, as Akatsuki was summoned by the student council, where he tried to fight Kyouya (again). That’s just stupid, even more so since it’s his first day.

That whole day was bad for him. He even ended up getting locked inside of the gym’s storage room, where he, Miu and their new friend stumbled upon a wonderful sight of girl on girl action. Things got even worse when the class president had to pee, after which Akatsuki ensured that the other girls had to pee as well, ensuring that the class president didn’t feel too embarrassed when all of them peed their pants.

It was a messed up episode with quite a lot of complications. Akatsuki isn’t really a bad guy. He just does stupid things that make him look like the bad guy. I seriously believe that this anime has some potential, and that it will get even better from here on out. I’m looking forward to the next episode!

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica episode 02 screencaps

  1. the hell did i just see??

  2. Elijah luv says:

    I don’t get this anime at all

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