Aug 7, 2012

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Hagure Yuusha no Estetica episode 05

What in the hell did I watch here? I like my fair share of nudity, but this was ridiculous. I cannot believe that they wasted an entire episode on something like this. That’s what I don’t get. I don’t care that it happened. A few minutes of pointless nudity is always nice, but to waste an entire episode, of which there are only twelve total, is simply stupid.

The entire episode revolved around ladies underwear. Seriously, the entire episode. Akatsuki decided that it was time to take Miu shopping. She didn’t have that many things, so why not buy her some, right? Never would I have imagined that it would take an entire episode to find some bras and panties, let alone a capable salesperson.

Miu’s breasts were too big, so finding a bra big enough was a challenge. Problem? I think not. Even Haruka decided to buy new underwear, hoping that Akatsuki wouldn’t be able to remove it (again). God only knows why Kuzuha and Chikage tagged along. Women, they all like to shop like hell, don’t they?

There’s not much more I can say about this episode. It was pointless and contributed absolutely nothing to the story. There are only twelve episodes to begin with. To make such an episode with a lot of ground left to cover is stupid, but that’s just my opinion I suppose. Also, did you notice how all the female characters only wear thongs? Seriously, each and every one of them wears thongs. This anime really focusses on nudity, doesn’t it? Usually I’d be happy about that, but not with episodes like these.

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica episode 05 screencaps

  1. Clayton Cottrell says:

    i liked it 😀

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