Aug 21, 2012

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Hagure Yuusha no Estetica episode 07

Finally! It’s about that they showed us an episode with a sense of direction. I have been clueless for the past few weeks. There was no story, no direction and no interesting developments. This episode more than clarified all of that. I can only hope that they can keep this up from now on.

I have been wondering what was going on. What was the point of all of this? What was the point of Akatsuki taking Miu with him to his world, other than it being the last request from her father, the man he killed? I never knew that, until now. It is quite the interesting approach, but it’s a bit strange that they started took this long to drop that in the mixture.

Miu’s father, a demon lord, requested that Akatsuki took his daughter with him, so he did. Now it seems that people from her world are still looking for her, just because she’s the daughter of the former demon lord, thinking that she might come back one day to make their lives a miserable hell. I can’t see Miu take over the world, but it’s usually the person you’d least expect, huh?

Truth be told, I think that Akatsuki is fully aware of who she is and that there’s a possibility that people are looking for her. People look at Akatsuki and think he’s just a dumb pervert, but I think he’s actually an intelligent pervert. He usually thinks things through, that is why he’s probably aware of all the possibilities surrounding Miu and her world.

I’ll be looking forward to the next episode. I think that the student council will probably end up supporting Akatsuki in the future to keep Miu safe, even though they aren’t getting along properly right now. Sure, there’s a possibility that they could become enemies, but it’s more likely that they’ll become allies instead. We’ll see…

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica episode 07 screencaps

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