Sep 4, 2012

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Hagure Yuusha no Estetica episode 09

This may have been one of the best episodes yet. I’m thinking that next week’s episode will be even better, as Akatsuki will have to prove himself the better man. I still think it’s a shame that we had to ‘endure’ the first few episodes though. Those episodes had very little to no story in them.

We all remember what happened to Miu; Phil showed up and rendered the academy’s defences useless, allowing him to physically hurt people. Chikage and Kazuha may have been the first ones, but hopefully the last ones too if Akatsuki does his job right, which would be to defeat Phil, take Miu back with him and help the student council do some damage control.

Speaking about the student council, wasn’t it pretty cool when Akatsuki took control like that? He manned up, took control of the situation and gave each and every one of them an important job to do. Now that’s a leader! It is primarily thanks to him that most of the students arrived at HQ safe and sound. Even Motoharu listened for once, and that’s a pretty rare thing to see.

Now, this could go two ways at this point; either Phil manages to defeat Akatsuki, thereby taking Miu with him to that other world, or Akatsuki manages to defeat Phil, thereby saving Miu for the time being. Both of those roads are thorny. It’s pretty much game over if Phil defeats Akatsuki, but if Akatsuki wins then he will still have to deal with future enemies and a very insecure Miu-chan.

Say whatever you want, but Phil made at least one very valid point; people will still be coming after Miu, even if he were to be defeated. Akatsuki will always protect her, I’m pretty sure that everyone would agree, but Miu is the problem here. She doesn’t want her friends to get hurt because of her, so it’s only a matter of time before she does something stupid, like running away or something. Decisions, decisions…

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica episode 09 screencaps

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