Apr 24, 2012

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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 03

Oh good god, the comedy mayhem continues. I cannot believe how popular this anime is getting. Everywhere I look I see people discussing it. I agree when said that the (light) nudity in this show is a bit obvious. But I do think that the panty shots are very subtle. That’s right, this show has some subtlety. It doesn’t have much, but still…

The first thing in this episode that almost made me cough up a lung was that handicapped version of Charizard. I’m sure that most of us know the character Charizard from Pokemon. It seems like that little fella might actually become one of the regular characters. Who would’ve known? I hope he won’t crap out too many eggs though, I don’t think I can handle that. A little handicapped Pokemon trying to squeeze out some eggs is kind of disturbing. Kuuko-chan, who joined their side and is now enrolled in the same class as them, even encouraged that little bastard to push as though it was giving birth. That was really disturbing and hilarious. Not to mention the scene where they tried to penetrate its ass to trigger a weird transformation.

Still, I think this episode revolved a bit around the arrival of Nyarko’s older brother. He was constantly getting hit, blown away or chased. He kept blaming his little sister of all his misfortune, even though she wasn’t doing anything half of the time. I knew immediately that he was a relative of Nyarko, not that they tried to hide it or anything. I do feel that he got defeated a little bit too easily though.

Ugh, I think I made a mistake when I decided to write about this anime. It is really fun to watch, but ever so difficult to write about. It is hard to come up with the right words to describe the ridiculousness in this episode. I think next week’s episode will be real challenging to write about, seeing as Mahiro’s mother has finally returned and all… I (surprisingly enough) can’t wait!

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 03 screencaps

  1. Zezaru-senpai says:

    hahahaha i laughed so hard when she fingered that dragons ass and he turned into a motorbike 😀 funniest anime EVER

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