May 8, 2012

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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 05

Sweet mother of god, what did I just watch? I actually prepared myself mentally because I knew I was going to see some weird stuff, but this changed everything. I even made sure to finish my meal before watching. I refused to make the same mistake as last time.

I think that it has been well established that Mahiro’s mother is a part-time deity hunter. That means that she “hunts” beings like Nyaruko down for some reason. That is fine, but her profession has drawn the attention of some unwanted guests. Ruuhii, a green-haired woman, came to look for Mahiro’s mother and to bring her back to her organization. Everything was progressing pretty smoothly, when suddenly Ruuhii summoned the Delorean from “back to the future” to take them back to her world. That was a total WTF-moment for me. I expected to see a variety of things, but most of them limited to (famous) animated shows. We really can’t underestimate this anime.

And the weirdest part is; that was still normal compared to the rest. I was excited about those Yuri scenes, I was weary of these new Yaoi scenes, but that Pokemon scene really finished things off nicely. As if that handicapped Charizard wasn’t bad enough. Nyaruko used yet another Pokeball to summon an off-read vehicle that could also be used as a submarine. Now that is weird, but the fact that that thing had an unlimited supply of torpedo’s only made things weirder. Still, I somehow got passed that, but watching Nyaruko say that she was holding back really got to me. Boy did I laugh.

This anime is truly troublesome. I actually skip a few parts sometimes, because I forget to pause when I can’t stop laughing. Mind you, finding out that that Hastur stole Mahiro’s first kiss was no laughing matter, even though he did it to save his life. The episodes have slowly been building up on parodies, and each and every one of them has been getting better and better. I have to be careful when watching next week’s episode. Laughing is healthy, but there’s a limit to everything.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 05 screencaps

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