May 15, 2012

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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 06

Oh for the love of god, why? Why must each and every story turn out so ridiculously dumb? Sure, I still laughed, but things are getting a bit old. I find myself laughing a whole lot less than I did at the beginning. A lot of things are so predictable that you won’t laugh as soon as it happens.

This week’s episode was divided into two parts. Part one covered their journey to retrieve Mahiro’s mother. The woman wasn’t kidnapped at all. She went along with it out of her own free will. It seems that Ruuhii and her company have been working on a next-gen gaming console, so she brought along Mahiro’s mother, a gaming console freak, to look at things and give her opinion. That’s why Cthuko, yet another game freak, went along with it as well. It was a tiresome exchange of bad jokes, followed by a poorly executed finale. Seriously, how could we not see this coming? There hasn’t been a slight hint of danger ever since the anime began.

At least the second part was better. It was predictable as well, but better. I immediately knew that Hastur was going to be one of the regular characters, just like that handicapped Charizard. Ruuhii is too, probably. It’s all just too predictable right now. What kind of person would laugh at something when he or she already knew it was coming? I admit that I laughed during that whole gaming console bit, but I can’t help it. The comedy is so moronic that I just can’t help myself from laughing at one point. I feel so cheap…

And as for the second bit… really? A hot springs trip, huh? How very original. I’m not going to question why Nyaruko wouldn’t let Hastur go with Mahiro, because we all know the answer to that. There’s only one thing that puzzles me; why the hell was that handicapped Charizard wearing a bikini? Why!? I couldn’t help but to laugh at that.

I suppose the episode wasn’t that bad. I had my fair share of laughs, despite being able to predict a lot of things. Take the ending here as an example; everyone knew that Nyaruko was going to make the moves on Mahiro. Oh well, let’s just see what happens during next week’s episode (probably something with Ruuhii again).

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 06 screencaps

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