Jul 16, 2013

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Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun 2

Whoops, I almost forgot about this one. I’m a bit ashamed, too, because I was really looking forward to the second season after having enjoyed the first season a lot. I might actually read the manga when this is all over.

Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibun 2The artwork is still so amazing… I love the characters, all of them. Shino is still cool, Murasame is still the most awesome spirit in the show and the sceneries will never seize to amaze. I speak so highly about the artwork when it’s only the second best thing about this show.

The story is definitely what makes you want to keep on watching. There’s a subtle hint of comedy that puts a smile on your face whilst you enjoy the rest of this action-filled fantasy land. There’s rarely a dull moment and the predictability of this story is ever so low, which is something I really like.

Watch it! You cannot pass this one by when we’re having such a mediocre season filled with slice of life works. Go watch the first season if you haven’t already, it’s definitely worth it. It’s one of the few pieces that makes this otherwise dull summer season worthwhile.

Plot Summary: When their village was wiped out five years ago, only Shino Inuzuka, Sosuke Inukawa, and the girl Hamaji, who was raised as if she were their sister, survived. And both men inexplicably have the same peony-shaped birthmark. Genpachi Inukai and Kobungo Inuta were raised hundreds of miles away as foster brothers, but they too share the same birthmark. When they went north as part of the army three years ago, they went to confront demons and came back forever transformed. Now the Imperial Church has come for Shino and Sosuke and they must find eight mystical gems and their owners or face a fate worse than death at the hands of the Church.

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