Feb 26, 2012

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Hakuōki to get OVA’s, tv series and movies

Hakuōki to get OVA’s, tv series and movies

Three new anime projects based on the Hakuōki game franchise were announced at the Sunday event in the Pacifico Yokohama center for people who bought all DVDs of the Hakuōki Sekkaroku anime. A Kazama Chikage special edition original video anime (OVA) of Hakuōki Sekkaroku will ship this June. As the name implies, the OVA will be from the point of view of the character Kazama.

Production on a third new television anime series, Hakuōki Reimeiroku, has been green-lit for this summer. Maon Kurosaki, the performer of the ending themes for the Hakuōki Sekkaroku OVA project, is performing the opening theme song for the new television series. Mao will contribute the ending theme song, just like on the first two television series.

Production on a two-part Hakuōki film project that will open next year has been green-lit. The film will tell an all-new story. Aika Yoshioka, the singer for the previous anime projects’ opening theme songs, will contribute the theme song for the films.

A “Hakuōki in Namco Namja Town” tie-in dessert and food campaign will be held at the indoors Namco Namja Town amusement park in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro Sunshine 60 mall from April 13 to May 27. The latest information on the Hakuōki game and anime franchise will be released in ASCII Media Works’ Dengeki Girl’s Style magazine, and Dengeki Online website, and the anime franchise’s official site.

Source: Dengeki Online via Otakomu

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