Jan 10, 2014

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Hamatora The Animation

Boy, this is way too familiar. It’s almost like I was watching Darker than Black, which is quite similar in more ways than one. Still, I like it a lot. I think Hamatora showed a lot of promise and I’m quite looking forward to the rest.

Hamatora The AnimationI’m quite pleased about the artwork. The details look great, the characters look great and the powers that I’ve seen so far are all great, too. So far there’s nothing that I would have changed about the artwork to be very honest. Nothing at all.

The story is the only thing I’m worried about. It’s done before, you know? A group of ‘special’ people that people can hire at reasonable prices. Pay them and they will do almost anything, even though they themselves are being hunted on. It just sounds all too familiar, and I’m not just talking about Darker than Black anymore.

I will recommend this. It’s packed with action and mystery and lots of characters with lots of awesome superpowers. You’d be a fool if you didn’t try it out. At this point I don’t even care if some characters are overpowered or not. I just want to learn a little bit more about their powers and what they have to do to use them.

Plot Summary: “Minimum” – a special inborn power found in a limited number of human beings, known as “minimum holders.” In Yokohama, the detective team Hamatora, formed by two minimum holders named Nice and Murasaki, comes across information connected to a serial killer being pursued by their old friend Art. It turns out all the victims are minimum holders like them. Unwillingly at first, the two detectives become involved in the investigation.

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