Oct 5, 2012

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Hayate the Combat Butler! Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

A third season, huh? Well, it’s not entirely surprising. Well, maybe it is… I mean… The season barely made it through the ratings and the last movie wasn’t rated very well at all. People were a bit critical about the story, which was pretty much non-existent from what I’ve read about it.

Anyway, the artwork is still pretty much the same. I still don’t care what people say, but a few panty shots would make the show a lot better. This type of anime allows for it. Besides, it’s not like they are actually targeting a young audience with this.

This season isn’t a continuation of any of the previous seasons and/or movies. This season’s story, according to several sources, has been created by Hayate no Gotoku’s author. It should be pretty interesting to see whether or not he can make this season a success.

I can only recommend this anime to those that like comedies where the male lead gets overwhelmed with female characters, also known as a harem.

Plot Summary: The story of Hayate Ayasaki working alongside with maid Maria at Nagi Sanzenin’s mansion continues. One day, Nagi receives a phone call from “Area 51,” inviting her to the universe. Nagi wants to accept the offer, only to be stopped by Maria.

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