Apr 10, 2015

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Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic

I did watch the first season. Not from start to finish, but quite a bit of it. Every time I had nothing to do or was bored out of my mind, I’d just fire up an episode.

Hello!! Kiniro MosaicThe artwork is alright. They really focussed on the characters to make them pop out. They were made to look adorable and I think they succeeded pretty well.

The problem, for me, is the story. It’s just not interesting enough for me. It’s not really my type of comedy, which makes it even harder to watch, which is why I only watched it when I was bored and had nothing else to watch.

To those that have seen the first season; go for it. To those that are looking for a show with a lot of cute girls; go for it. The rest might not enjoy this.

Plot Summary: Shinobu Omiya is a 15 year old girl who had once did a homestay in Great Britain when she was 10 years old. She met a blonde, extremely shy, English girl named Alice Cartalet. Once getting to know each other, and getting past the language barrier issue, the two became close friends. On Shinobu’s last day in England, Alice makes a promise that she will come visit Japan someday. 5 years later, Shinobu receives a letter from Alice stating that she is coming to Japan. And on the same day of receiving the letter, Alice appears at Shinobu’s school, revealing that she has transferred to her class and will be staying at her house.

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