Dec 21, 2011

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Hidan no Aria OVA 01

Ahhh… Good times, at least for me anyway, not so much for Kinji, who has to endure many hardships. He turns into a badass killer when he gets, not to sugarcoat the truth, horny. I turn into a mindless beast when I get horny. I’m not sure which one of us is the better man, lol.

I was waiting for this special, so it’s only natural for me to write about it. This special focusses on their trip to the hot springs. It’s only normal for teenage boys to be interested in naked, wet and young bodies. But, as to be expected from Hidan no Aria, these weren’t your average hot springs. It was being run by professional Butei, also known as professional killers.

Still, this shouldn’t kill their fun, as each and every one of them is already used to this life. But, poor Aria-chan, had to endure the toughest challenge, seeing as she was the one with the smallest breasts. This became very clear when all girls decided to use the open-air bath, revealing their voluptuous breasts. Aria was so intimidated that she actually pulled out her guns and started shooting at everything in sight. Kinji tried his best to ignore it, hoping he wouldn’t go into his hysteria mode.

But things started getting less lively when several mysterious “accidents” started to occur. It seems that someone was hypnotizing people and, when completely hypnotized, making them do the weirdest things. Everyone was convinced that this was part of the training, that it was the reason for them coming here. Things quickly turned for the worst when Kinji and the rest found their teacher and landlady, both tied up in the style of bondage.

Strange things started to happen when suddenly a little boy appears in front of them. He didn’t say anything, he just ran away, wanting to be followed. The decided to follow him, as expected, only to be lured into his trap. They found themselves in a room, a room filled with strange objects and seals.

All of them woke up the next morning, but none of them remembered how they got inside the car, why they were sleeping there and, most importantly, what caused all of this. It was an very amusing, yet be it strange episode.

I hope that the next OVA, as I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a next one, will have a little bit more action. Other than that; no complaints!

  1. I would prefer to watch a romantic anime! And it must have good drawing in it. I loved hidan no aria so far and hope that there will be more of it soon!

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