Jan 14, 2012

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High School DxD episode 02

Man, I really like this show. It’s like a Kanokon and Rosario to Vampire mix that keeps you constantly entertained. It still baffles me that this show is uncensored. Normally it takes a few weeks or even months for uncensored content to become available. Not that I’m complaining or anything, hell, I love it.

Anyway, Issei must be the luckiest guy ever. Waking up to such a red-headed beauty can only be good, despite recent events. I’m really curious about her abilities, as she seems really powerful. Still, the fact that she has so many ‘slaves’ can only mean that there’s a limit to her power, otherwise she wouldn’t need them. I don’t want to read up on this, I just want to follow this show and find out eventually.

Issei is still trying to figure out what happened and why it happened. But one thing is clear; he will have to get accustomed to his powers in order to protect himself as well as his new mistress. I’m not sure how it works between ‘slaves’ when it comes to protection. They either protect one another, or they solely protect their Mistress.

Still, they put him to work despite his inexperience in the field. He seemed to be doing quite well, despite his inability to use any of his latent powers. His first ‘client’ turned out to be this perverted lolicon lover that turned out to be this fanatic manga and anime collector. In the end Issei failed to complete the contract with that pervert.

But, his misfortune didn’t end there. He came across none other than that fallen angel, the same fallen angel who tricked and killed him. She was surprised to see him alive, so she mounted yet another attack on him. But, this time it was too late. Issei’s latent potential surfaced and it brought out his “Sacred Gear”, a very powerful weapon when used properly. She wouldn’t risk it by fighting him so she decided to retreat.

Quite the exciting episode, but he painted a target on his head by letting her get away, that much is certain. It’s understandable why Rias saved him though, after all; he is in possession of one the ultimate “Sacred Gears”, also known as “Boosted Gear”. I have no idea what it does yet, but I’m pretty certain that we’re about to find out!

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