Jan 21, 2012

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High School DxD episode 03

I watched the third episode of High School DxD and I don’t know whether it was because it was late or because I was a little bit tired, but I WTF’d this episode big time. I knew this anime was ecchi’s level was pretty high, but those crazy Japenese managed to raise the bar even higher.

The episode starts with a panty shot of Issei’s new female friend Asia, a blonde priestess that came to town in order to help exterminate demons. Now this isn’t anything special, but the episode has only just begun, it’ll just get weirder from here on out. Hell, Asia even ended up showing her powers by healing a little boy’s wound. Normally there’s a time and place for everything, but for her it’s anywhere any time when it comes to using her powers.

I also noticed, not just because they pointed it out, that Issei was reacting rather strangely to Asia. He reacted even weirder when he laid eyes on that church. It seems that dark beings like Issei cannot get close to churches, as it has been proven fatal for those who do come too close.

Issei, after showing his new friend to the church, met up with his new ‘pack’ of friends in order to start their mission. They received word that a “stray devil” named Vice was located in the area, so they went to kill her. That’s still nothing special, I agree, but that all changed when Vice attacked by shooting beams of light out of her nipples. Okay, so it was pretty cool to watch the group fight, I always wondered what they were capable of. But come on, a devil that shoots beams out of her nipples? I know that the Japanese like all sorts of weird stuff, but this isn’t this taking a little bit too far? I am truly amazed that this show has pretty good ratings, despite all these strange scenes, although those ratings may fluctuate after people watch this episode.

Anyway, the weird part isn’t just yet! Issei had yet another assignment to do when he came across a psychopathic priest. Now I’m not one to judge, but this guy just wanted to kill and kill. Asia, who was with him, walked in and saw what that guy had done. He went completely crazy and threatened to rape her after she tried to protect her new friend. Hell, Issei would’ve been killed if it weren’t for allies showing up at the right time, again.

Yeah… this episode was really up there. My weirdness meter was completely in the red when I watched this episode, but I still ended up laughing like hell though. We all know that the Japanese usually come up with the craziest stuff, but they almost never fail when it comes to making people laugh. I do have a minor desire though, especially after watching this episode; I wish that Issei would grow stronger, so that he could become the show’s hero, the saviour whom all girls fight over. Not sure that’ll even happen, but like I said; it’s just a wish of mine.

  1. Read the light novels. Issei becomes A LOT stronger later on in the series. At one point in the second novel, his power even surpasses Rias’s.

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