Feb 4, 2012

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High School DxD episode 05

Okay… so I watched the new High School DxD episode, and I must say… I’m slightly disappointed. Why you ask? Well, Issei finally the conditions to use his Sacred Gear, which would be to infiltrate enemy territory. However, his show of strength wasn’t exactly noteworthy, in fact; he landed one blow, didn’t even finish of his target and cried throughout the battle. Good god…

The story continues as Issei tries to prevent Reinare from taking Asia’s Sacred Gear. Remember that Issei, even with his Sacred Gear out, is extremely weak at the moment because doesn’t know how to use his powers yet. Needless to say that Issei wasn’t capable of stropping Reinare from doing what she did, resulting in Asia’s Sacred Gear being taken from her. Note that this is the point where Issei started crying.

Yeah… Asia’s Sacred Gear was taken from her. Too bad it’s not as simple as that, you see… if a person loses his/her Sacred Gear, then that person will almost certainly die, for that person cannot live without it. It’s something that you’re born with, apparently. So yes, Asia was as good as dead. Issei knew this and tried to summon as much power has he possibly could, but in the end he only got wounded by Reinare’s holy spears.

You know, something strange caught my attention. I have been watching both devils and angels during these few episodes. Devils are supposed to be the bad guys, while angels, the good guys, try to stop them from doing what they want. It has come to my attention that those angels are far more evil and brutal than the average devil.  It’s not just angels either, apparently there are some very unstable priests that would like nothing more than to murder every devil in sight.

Meanwhile Issei is trying to muster as much strength as he possibly can. Keep in mind that Issei’s Sacred Gear only gets stronger when Issei’s willpower gets stronger. Reinare kept provoking him, lowering her guard while she made fun of him. At one point he attacked whilst focussing all of his willpower in one attack, thereby defeating Reinare in just one blow. Seriously? After all that pointless arguing it only takes one hit to defeat her?

It’s a good thing that Rias was watching, because it became even more embarrassing when Reinare, having been defeated in just one blow, begged for forgiveness in the most unattractive way imaginable. Issei wasn’t about to give in to her pathetic act, which is why he gave Rias the honour of killing her. What a weakling, the least he could’ve done was to finish her off personally, especially after all of the things she has done to him.

Still, Issei had other things to worry about. He was mourning Asia’s death when suddenly Rias took out a very special chess piece. This piece would allow her to resurrect Asia as a devil, thereby giving her a second chance in life. Rias thought that it would come in handy to have a minion with those special healing powers, which is why she decided to do it. Issei, being happy to have Asia back in his life, doesn’t understand that his life just got a little bit more complicated. Oh well… I’m sure it’ll be fine.

  1. ep.5 well oh boy i guess yep indeed ding dong the ex is blown-up to feather!!!

    indeed payback did came true yet issei finally beat the ex even he got both legs got speared still powerful to checkmate the ex.

    yea the ex trying pull a begging there an old saying fool me once shame on me fool me twice shame on you yep indeed issei won’t get fooled again so he let rias blow-up the ex to feathers.

    indeed yep sweep the broom on the feathers for the na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye.

    also nun live again but now one of the devil aka the bishop.

    oh issei so powerful he worth all pawns combine yep it all hurray yet also cake to have.

    but wait we got bigger fish to fry coming up indeed someone is watching them.

  2. i cheered for rais when she mercilessly killed that bitch 😀

    i agree with you gamedemon that issei is still too weak… in body and in spirit. he was supposed to kill that bitch and not let his mistress do it for him

    • there was reason issei did not do “kill trigger” himself cause of past he used to had & one mistake all together.

      really just like i don’t want it anymore so yea let risa rid of the past.

  3. MisterDMX says:

    Love the show! anyone know where i can find translated chapters of the manga??? i can only find the first 10 :S

  4. It’s not really written in the bible but Lucifer and his followers were actually the first angels who rebelled thus making them fallen angels and eventually called devils. So evil angels aren’t exactly surprising.

  5. I like Reynalle’s ass by the way. I came so many times just by her ass.

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