Feb 11, 2012

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High School DxD episode 06

Very impressive, an ecchi anime climbing up in ratings, that doesn’t happen too often. High School DxD started out with a six something, but is now nearing seven and a half. I guess the last few episodes have been making a lot of viewers happy.

Do any of you remember when I said that Asia’s presence will only complicate Issei’s life? I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. Asia had nowhere to go, no assignment to fulfil and no future plans now that she’s a devil. Rias decided to help her out a bit by letting her move in with Issei. I have no idea why he was against it at first, this would be a dream come true. However, it soon became reality after both Asia and Rias talked it over with Issei’s parents. Asia will be living with Issei in order to, ahem, “prepare Issei for his future bride”. Sigh, that poor bastard never stood a chance. He may not have realized it yet, seeing as he’s exciting about the idea of having Asia close by, but he’ll realize soon enough that his private life is as good as gone.

Things started getting even more complicated when Issei started taking over some of Asia’s assignments. She was offered to go out there and make a contract, however, Issei said that she was too inexperience and offered to go in her place. The brave Issei mounted his bicycle and went out to answer that call. Remember that lolicon lover from his first summoning? Well, it somehow got worse. This time he had to deal with a buff gay man that wanted to become a magical fairy or something like that. I zoned out just a little bit, I mean come on… it was a little bit difficult to watch. Being gay is fine, acting gay is another thing, but raging as hard as that guy did… my god.

Issei’s luck just wasn’t too good in this episode. His training didn’t go to well, his second summoning was beyond belief and he messed up his third one as well. Oh, I didn’t tell you about that? Well, Rias decided to supervise him on his next job. Issei’s job was to fulfil the wishes of a crazy girl in a samurai costume in order to receive Rias’ reward; being able to play with breasts. Truly a magnificent reward, but it wasn’t all that easy. Sure, Issei managed to finalize the contract with that strange girl, but finding enough time and privacy to fondle her breasts proved to be an even harder task. He had five seconds to play with them, but in the end he ended up blowing it (figuratively).

Fine, so there was no real action this week, so what? I didn’t become this excited about this show to watch Issei getting his ass handed to him, oh no. I became a fan due to the funny, daring and complex scenes that this show has to offer us. I’m pretty sure next week’s episode will be even better. Hell, maybe we’ll even find out why Rias was mentally absent during several scenes. Something tells me that a whole lot of action is waiting just around the corner.

Finally I would like to end this post by saying that I find it rather strange that the High School DxD manga isn’t nearly as far as the anime adaption. What’s up with that? Maybe I haven’t been looking properly, but all the sites that I’ve encountered only have chapters one to ten. Not that I was planning on reading the manga or anything. I was just curious, that’s all.

  1. oh come on this ep was funny 😀

    the expression on that mahou-shoujo freak’s face was the best. too bad that he didnt get to play with rias her breasts 😛 he tried really hard too

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