Feb 19, 2012

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High School DxD episode 07

I’ve been waiting for this episode. Have you ever noticed how some of the female characters have hard nipples in some of the scenes? What’s up with that? I know that the show is known for its sex appeal, but I cannot help but notice it. In one scene you see hard nipples, but in the next they’re gone. Okay, High School DxD revolves around magic and whatnot, but that’s just strange.

Moving on… This week’s episode revolves around pets. Yes, pets. Devils are allowed to have their own pets. Pets are useful creatures that obey their “owner”. But another family of devils wanted to grant their new member a pet as well. However, one a can only get one pet at a time, so it came as no surprise to me that they decided to fight for it. Oh, don’t worry, it wasn’t that kind of fight (unfortunately). It was a series of pointless competitions that led to nowhere. There were more panty shots, drooling guys and pointless quarrels than anything else. In the end it ended up being settles by a game of dodge ball. Or at least something that looked like dodge ball, not sure what the hell that was.

What caught my attention here is that the opposing family’s leader made a remark about Rias her health. Rias seemed very angry and uncomfortable when made that remark and tried to “burry” it with a lot of pointless chatter. I find that very unsettling. I think that she needs to confront her friends and family about any and all problems that she might have, because I’m sure that she could use the help. She invested her eight pawn pieces in Issei, so that would indicate that he has a lot of potential. She just needs to rely on him a bit more. Sure, he’s new and inexperienced, but I’m sure he’ll catch on quickly.

Anyway, Rias won the dodge ball match so either Issei or Asia will be granted a pet. It was pretty funny to see Issei’s expression when he first laid eyes on that transsexual water nymph.  However, he did have a lot of interest in a pet whose slime had the ability to dissolve clothing. He truly is the kind of all perverts. Rias forbad and killed it. That’s when a young and rare lightning dragon came to Asia. He seemed very friendly and interested in her. The same cannot be said about Issei, seeing as that thing kept electrifying him. Asia may be the one with the pet, but Issei got plenty of free peeks that day.

Sorry if my writing seemed a bit unmotivated today, but I’m not feeling to well. I think I caught something, ugh! I think that next week’s episode will be one big drama. It’s something like this; Issei wants to be close to Asia in order to do god only knows what, Issei gets electrified by her little dragon, and so Issei will be forced to take drastic measures in order to get what he wants, making him look like an even bigger pervert. Oh Issei… don’t give up!

 High School DxD episode 07 screencaps

  1. Another great episode! I love konneko’s shyness 😛

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