Feb 26, 2012

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High School DxD episode 08

Not bad, this week’s episode came a few hours earlier than expected. You know, I haven’t see Asia’s newpet, that little blue dragon, at all during this episode. I thought that they would throw it in several times in order to electrify Issei. Hmm… My mistake, although I’m positive that it’s yet to come.

The episode starts with Issei’s dream nightmare. I thought topless girls would pop up everywhere, but instead we saw a mysterious dragon, speaking to him in riddles. Very mysterious, but I doubt that Issei can find the answer right away. The poor kid is just too stupid, lol. He did realize that there’s something wrong, something bad, something that’s about to happen.

Still, he didn’t seem to pay any attention to it. His attention was averted in another direction; bathing naked with Asia, spying on the girls as they were changing in the girls’ locker room, after which Koneko ended up kicking his ass. It’s a beautiful yet painful life he leads, but I probably would’ve done the same thing, if given the chance.

Yes… Issei seems to have it all, all but success in finalizing contracts with his clients. Rias decided to pamper him, as she didn’t want him to lose motivation. She showed up one night, wanting to have s-s-sex with him. You can say what you want, but she had a very valid reason for wanting that. She needed to get rid of her virginity at all cost, because she didn’t want to marry her current fiancé, an arrogant man, whose family had arranged this marriage. That’s when she showed up. Yes, she… Rias’ sister-in-law, her brother’s queen.  She came to ‘fetch’ Rias in order to bring her back, so that she could marry that arrogant bastard.

Seriously, they should kill him with fire, if it weren’t for the fact that it would probably do him more good than bad. That man suddenly appeared with his ‘minions’, a group of beautiful (young) girls. He is to marry Rias, his fiancé, but he didn’t hesitate to make out with one of his busty slaves in front of everyone. This pissed off Issei to no end, causing him to mount an attack on that arrogant bastard.

See Issei? This is exactly why you should’ve taken your training more seriously. How disgraceful; a guy being whipped away by a girl like that, un-freaking-acceptable!  He needs his powers now more than ever, which is why I expect one hell of an episode next week. Please! Please let him beat the living sh*t out of that guy, let him be strong, even if it’s just for one episode! As for Yuuto… how inconspicuous can a person get? He didn’t do a thing, never said a word and never joined Issei in his ‘I’m-going-to-defend-her-honour-attack’. I expect a lot from Issei during next week’s episode of High School DxD!

High School DxD episode 08 screencaps

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