Mar 4, 2012

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High School DxD episode 09

My word, High School DxD is getting earlier and earlier every week. I guess the fansubbers are getting fanatical about it, not that it’s surprising or anything. The show’s ratings have been improving during the last couple of episodes. It’s really too bad that there probably won’t be a second season. I blame all the fan service in these episodes. There’s just too much.

Anyway, the story continues as Issei recovers from his humiliating defeat against one of Raiser’s minions. He finally realized that he was the weakest amongst his friends. It’s a good thing that Raiser, being all self-confident and all, granted Rias with ten days extra to “prepare” for their little tournament. This tournament of theirs should determine the fate of Rias and her clan, which is why she’s very determined to win. Too bad it’s not as simple as it sounds. She needs to ensure that her minions get stronger, because she knows that they are no match for the Phoenix clan. Not yet. Although Akeno, Koneko and Yuuto would probably hold their own. Those three have had lots of experience, training and time to perfect their abilities.

Rias took them all out on a training camp to improve their combat abilities. It soon came to their attention that Asia-chan was pretty gifted in magic. She adapted very quickly when instructed. It’s not all that surprising, seeing as she’s had lots of practice during her god abiding days as a nun. It’s Issei that was the problem. He had very little talent and could only manage to use a little bit of magic to peel potatoes and unions. Practice makes perfect, but does that also apply in Issei’s case, a case where he has to think of perverted things in order to use his magic? That guy is seriously after the title of pervert king. He would probably end up fighting with that fat demon from Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai for the title of pervert king.

Mind you, I absolutely enjoyed this episode. It became clear once again that Rias-chan has feelings for Issei, but that she tries to bottle them all up. She’s very worried about him, probably more worried than her own situation. She does strike me as that type of girl. It’s Issei’s job to protect her, not just as her minion, but as man. The real question is; will he be able to protect her? Will he be able to protect the girl for whom he has feelings? I’m dying to find out.

They did manage to put us at ease during the end though. They decided to test Issei’s Sacred Gear by using an attack with all the stuff he had learnt so far. The result was pretty impressive, as he managed to blow away an entire area with just one attack. He needs to learn how to control that power while trying to improve his stamina. He can only fire his canon once; he’s too tired for a second shot. Shame…

P.S. You are no better than Issei if you thought that the line above sounded perverted. You pervert!

High School DxD episode 09 screencaps

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