Mar 17, 2012

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High School DxD episode 11

I woke up extra early just to watch this week’s episode of High School DxD. Oh what a battle so far. I’m not going to lie about the end, it sucked, but the rest was absolutely great. It’s really a shame that next week’s episode will be the last. All we can do now is enjoy what’s left of it.

It’s a shame, but what is one to do? I just watched with great joy as the battle was getting even more intense, especially with Yuuta and Issei now trapped by Raiser’s troops. You would think that this would be a dreadful predicament, but not Issei. He was more focused on Raiser’s little sister, Ravel. Who would’ve known? I can’t see that man for your average loving brother.

That’s when things got interesting when Yuuta finally revealed his true Sacred Gear. He has the ability to create any (magical) sword at will and used them fully against his opponents. Who knew? Even I couldn’t imagine that Yuuta has such a powerful ability. Bastards sure kept it hidden pretty well, but probably to surprise us near the end of the show, and they most certainly succeeded.

Did you think that was interesting? You’re wrong! The most interesting bit was when Issei turned up the heat by powering up, reaching yet another level by doing so. I never knew his Sacred Gear, Boosted Gear, had a next level. It was awesome! He gained the ability to absorb other Sacred Gears in order to amplify and use it against his enemies. Now that’s a pretty badass ability. Not just that, his Sacred Gear’s physical appearance changed as well. Its longer, has more of those spikes and that gem is bigger now too. I’m not sure if that has any effect on its power, but I’m really curious in finding out what he’s capable of when he gets serious from this point on forward.

However, I’m afraid that a fight involving Issei will have to wait. Things looked pretty good for a brief period of time when Issei defeated several of Raiser’s minions, but that turned for the worse when his queen, who defeated poor Akeno-chan, took control by taking out Yuuta and Asia. She really is powerful. It didn’t help much either when Issei got caught up by Raiser. He was about to get killed when Rias came between them, offering herself to Raiser if he spared Issei’s life.

That’s what I meant when I said that the ending sucked. Why Rias, why!? There is absolutely no need to surrender to Raiser. I’m fairly certain that Issei has some more power within him that he just needs to squeeze out. I’m really uncertain about next week’s episode. Rias cannot end up with Raiser, absolutely not.

High School DxD episode 11 screencaps

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