Mar 24, 2012

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High School DxD episode 12

And so it ends… I must say that I imagined the ending a little different, a little better actually. It seems to me like they rushed things a little near the end, which is kind of disappointing, considering how well the show has been doing, despite the odds.

So Rias-chan surrendered to Raiser in order to spare Issei’s life. That’s admirable, very admirable indeed. But she must have known beforehand that Issei wouldn’t accept it just like that, that he would do anything in his power to come between their unholy engagement. That’s kind of right and kind of wrong, seeing as they lost fair and square, meaning that Issei should naturally accept the outcome. But did Issei accept? Hell no!

Issei decided to make a pact with that (awesome) dragon, Draig. He managed to come to terms by sacrificing his left arm in order to gain more power. He still had his arm, don’t get me wrong, but it belonged to that dragon now. He decided to barge in there without a heads-up, saying that Rias’ virginity is his to take. I laughed pretty hard at that, I mean… Who else but the king of perversion could say such a thing? Ah… Good old Issei, please don’t you ever change.

Things got a little bit out of hand when Rias’ brother showed up, proposing a little one on one between Raiser and Issei. This was Issei’s chance to win back Rias. Things looked grim at first, but then he showed us yet another new power, a power that, combined with some of Asia’s holy items, managed to win him the battle. This all happened within just one small episode, so do you see what I mean when I said that they rushed it a little?

Mind you, I enjoyed every second of this episode. It’s just that I imagined a better ending, especially after having built up the story to this very point, allowing us to see one hell of an ending. It’s a shame, that’s all. The show, all in all, was pretty good. There was a huge load of fan service, comedy and action, so that leaves very little room for complaints. I recommend this show to all ecchi fans!

High School DxD episode 12 screencaps

  1. i thought japs loved ecchi shit so im sure that we can expect another season

  2. I dont know about a sequal to the anime but the light novel has a crap load more fights that eclipse Raiser in sheer magnitude plus Issei gains further control over his balance breaker. I wont spoil it but just find the light novel and revel in Issei’s perverted awesomeness along with the growth of the rest of the characters and some startling revelations for the church

  3. ibjammin44 says:

    This anime is freaking amazing, the only thing sucks about it is it only has 12 episodes to it. and i know it doesnt finish the hole series. so has there been any news regarding it or should i just read the manga.

    If you think i should read the manga i got to extra questions i need to ask. What chapter does it start right after the series finished, and is the manga still ongoing or has it finished yet.
    I know what you mean it was. but then again most animes now adays have some corny moments in them. lol. but it had some excellent battles in it so i think that makes up for it.

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