Jul 18, 2013

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High School DxD New episode 02

Ahh~ bliss! I have been waiting months to see the second season and now it’s finally here! I must say that I’m not feeling the story yet. It seems rather predictable and dull. I can only hope that I’m wrong about that.

[FFF] Highschool DxD NEW - 02 [ED6F039D].mkv_snapshot_06.02_[2013.07.17_23.31.19]We all knew that we would meet the character in Issei’s picture. They focussed on it so much that they had very little to no choice. It was interesting how they focussed on that sword instead of the person next to Issei, but it was quite clear that we would get to see both of them sooner or later, that much was obvious.

Sure enough, you need to look past the perverseness that we have come to know and love. Seeing Issei talk to his dragon buddy, making plans for his harem and making breasts his top priority… I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. If Youto from Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko was the pervert prince then Issei must be some kind of pervert god.

[FFF] Highschool DxD NEW - 02 [ED6F039D].mkv_snapshot_17.52_[2013.07.17_23.34.34]It came as no surprise when those two characters showed up at their doorstep this week. Xenovia and Irina, the girl from Issei’s picture, both showed up in order to tell Rias and her group of demons to stay out of their way as they deal with their enemies. Both girls were in possession of holy swords, which made them a target for Yuuto, a guy that’s known for taking down owners of holy swords.

The problem lies with the story’s predictability. I already knew that something like this would happen, although Xenovia was a pleasant surprise. It was also pretty cool to learn a bit more about Yuuto’s past and how he became a demon. I, being a humble anime and High School DxD fan, can only assume that this story will primarily revolve around Yuuto’s quest to destroy all of the holy swords and Issei’s upcoming battle against another dragon master.

High School DxD New episode 02 screencaps

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