Aug 8, 2013

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High School DxD New episode 05

Okay… It didn’t go as I had expected, but this wasn’t too bad. There were times where there was more comedy than fighting, which isn’t a good thing when a serious battle is about to take place. It kind of ruins the atmosphere.

[Commie] High School DxD New - 05 [6D032A55].mkv_snapshot_10.59_[2013.08.07_23.45.43]So they placed a barrier around the school, huh? How stupid. Kokabiel has proven to be quite the troublesome opponent, so why bother placing a barrier? He’ll break through it like he would break a toothpick. That didn’t really make sense to me. Perhaps they were thinking that he wouldn’t really care either way?

However, there is one thing we must all accept; sex and fighting are a part of High School DxD. You can always expect to hear a lot of moaning, panting or screaming during pretty much every battle with one or more female characters. Also, clothes tearing is also more than normal here. This makes it very hard to enjoy the battles sometimes.

[Commie] High School DxD New - 05 [6D032A55].mkv_snapshot_18.42_[2013.08.07_23.46.12]A few things became clear though. First thing’s first; Issei is weak again. They always do this… They make a character appear weak at the beginning by throwing in a powerful enemy or two, then they let the character train or give him some kind of poorly explained power boost, and this is pretty much always followed by a short-lived victory.

Right now I’m just hoping for another character to show up. Preferably Rias’ brother, a character that has always fascinated me. He is pretty known in the demon realm, so he must be powerful. Kokabiel seemed to be expecting someone like him to come and didn’t seem fazed by the idea, so this makes me even more excited. A battle between men, not moaning girls… Let’s get it on!

High School DxD New episode 05 screencaps

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