Mar 8, 2012

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Hiiro no Kakera

Hiiro no Kakera, huh? I didn’t know what was going on at first. The action was way too sudden and the story behind it all became clear later on. I suppose you could compare this a little bit to Ao no Exorcist, but just a little bit.

The artwork itself is acceptable, but certainly nothing special. It’s not something I would watch because of the artwork alone. Also, I believe that some of the voices aren’t in sync with the characters. Let’s take Takuma as an example; the voice behind this character just doesn’t match this particular character, despite the voice actor being well-known.

I can’t say much about the story yet, as I just finished watching the first episode. However, I believe that there is a lot of room for improvement. The way in which the characters interact could have done differently, because now it looks more like a comedy than anything else. I’m not sure if they’re going for comedy or not, but I don’t think it would do the show any good. A little comedy is fine though.

My first impression of this show is a little negative, mainly because the start was a little too confusing. The voices behind some of the characters didn’t sit well with me either, but perhaps that’s just me. Hiiro no Kakera, or loosely translated as Scarlet Fragment, is categorized as an action-romance. That’s fine, but I just don’t see it yet. I’m not sure whether or not I should recommend this show. My advice for now; watch the first two episodes at least, seeing as the first didn’t leave that much of an impression on me. The show has been blessed with twenty-six episodes, so that has to count for something. Then again, so has Phi Brain…

Plot Summary: The protagonist is a teenage girl (Tamaki) who revisits a small village, she remembers from her childhood and gets caught up in her family’s history and supernatural dangers surrounding it.

While walking along the hillsides waiting for the person who her grandmother sent to fetch Tamaki to the village, Tamaki comes across a small, white round object with sticks for limbs and talks. It runs off soon after, with Tamaki chasing after it. Soon Tamaki finds herself in a place where ‘it doesn’t feel like the world I came from’. She gets attacked by three slime creatures, and a male comes charging in to save her – by clamping his hands around her body and mouth and telling her to be quiet.

  1. thinkthought says:

    This must have been the strangest episode ever

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