Nov 14, 2011

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HMV Japan Admits Errors in Madoka Magica Film Confirmation

Following this morning’s early buzz that a Madoka Magica feature film was confirmed courtesy of this week’s Newtype magazine release along with a scan that made its way around the internet, HMV Japan has confirmed via its Twitter account in separate tweets that it did not mean to spread unconfirmed reports of a Madoka Magica announcement in this week’s Newtype earlier today after confirming that the magazine in question would have Nanoha on the cover and not Madoka Magica as originally speculated.

The series will be released by Aniplex of America next year in the US in three volumes on DVD and Blu Ray

Update #1: Courtesy of @earlbox, the much debated Newtype cover from this morning has surfaced in a much clearer shot and confirms the Madoka Magica film as a real project consisting of a film trilogy. More details will be released on Friday and it has been confirmed that the first two films will be a recap while the third will be a continuation of the main storyline.

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