Oct 11, 2011

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Hunter x Hunter 2011 episode 02

I just quickly wanted to say something about the progress of this Hunter x Hunter remake. Basically it’s so far so good, I don’t see any drastic changes. I was afraid that they would ruin Hunter x Hunter by screwing up this remake, but now I’m afraid that there won’t be any major change. That would be a serious waste.

The real question being; do I want them to make a lot of changes in this remake, making it possibly even more exciting and fun to watch? Or do I want them to change very little, ensuring that Hunter x Hunter won’t be ruined by a crappy remake. Well, from my point of view I’d have to pick door number one. I think I would rather have them change things in order to (hopefully) spice up the story even more. We all have to admit; Hunter x Hunter was good, but there are many ways to improve it, making it even better than it already is.

They could shorten a lot of things. I for one think that the hunter exams were very lengthy, they could shorten it to give it all a bigger impact and to use the remaining time for better things.

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