Feb 10, 2012

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Inu x Boku SS episode 05

Oh boy, I had to watch some scenes twice. I didn’t really understand what was going on, as my mind was still occupied with Naruto Shippuuden. That’s kind of wrong, watching Inu x Boku SS while thinking of another show. But it’s fine, I made it up by watching it a second time.

This week’s episode was really strange. Please keep in mind that this show is strange by itself. However, I laughed so hard during this episode, which made it all worthwhile. You see, Ririchiyo was being stalked by some unknown enemy that kept sending text messages. They started pointing out to her that she had to be careful, seeing as people have been stalking her and trying to kidnap her since a young age. That’s when all the laughing started, you know… with all those weird expressions while those perverts tried to get a hold of her. Is it even remotely possible not to laugh at that? I actually tried the second time, but I ended up failing each and every time.

Still, do not forget that this is Ririchiyo’s we’re talking about. When has she ever listened? Ah, that’s right; never. That made it less surprising when she decided to go out in the dark to buy some writing supplies. She was hell-bent on writing that letter to Soushi. I can understand why Ayakashi like Ririchiyo-chan aren’t supposed to go out alone after dark, I mean… there’s bound to be all sorts of evil beings out there during that time of day. Which is why Soushi decided to follow her, and for good reason too, seeing is they got attacked by an enemy. Well, I wouldn’t say enemy, seeing as the attacker was none other than Ririchiyo’s perverted fiancé.

Remember when I said that this week’s episode was weird? Well, this is where it all started. Ririchiyo’s fiancé, a pervert by the name of Kagerou, decided to pass by after he heard that his precious fiancé attended that school. Nothing weird about that, I agree. But that started when that guy opened his mouth and started giving out S&M gifts. Hell, he took it a whole lot further when he started labelling people as a Sadist and Masochist. I was appalled as he went through the whole school, pointing out who was what. But it didn’t end there, oh no. He pointed at beings other than humans, inanimate objects and even the moon.  Everything and everyone was part of his strange S&M world.

Do you understand now why I said that this week’s episode was truly strange? I really hope you do, because I couldn’t make it any clearer. Still, I laughed a lot of because of it, so I’m definitely not complaining. I’m just patiently waiting till Ririchiyo goes completely wild and shows us what she’s capable of.

  1. hahaha those scenes where ririchiyo got stalked as a little girl were priceless 😀

    did you see the way she looked??? i played that scene over and over again 😀

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