Feb 17, 2012

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Inu x Boku SS episode 06

It’s Thursday, which means yet another Inu x Boku SS episode! I expected a lot of comedy as Ririchiyo continued her quest to write Soushi that letter, but it was quite the opposite, if anything. In fact; Ririchiyo made a lot of progress during this episode, even though Soushi was barely in it.

This week’s episode revolves mainly around Karuta-chan. Lol, when I see her name I instantly think of Chihayafuru. Anyway, Karuta is a strange girl that does as she pleases. However, she’s not a bad girl, not at all. She does things based on priority, for example; the girls were running some kind of marathon during P.E. class, but Karuta spotted a cat in a tree that was too afraid to come down during her class. She decided to ditch class in order to help that cat. That’s what I meant by priority.

Like I said, Karuta is a good girl. She may seem a little vague, distant and quiet, but she just wants to be friends. Ririchiyo noticed that and decided to help her out by sharing her lunch as only she could. Hell, it looked more like volunteer work than a friend sharing her stash of goodies, but Ririchiyo is working really hard on that attitude of hers. It came as no surprise to me when suddenly Karuta became infatuated with Ririchiyo. After all; “feed it and it will follow”.

It almost seemed like those two were destined to be friends. They were always together after that, even during class assignments. Karuta may be a strange girl, but she’s a genius when it comes to food. I am a little puzzled though, how can such a little girl eat so much, but be that short and slim? It must be an Ayakashi thing, I’m sure of it. Anyway, Ririchiyo will only improve from here on out as she continues her school-life with her friends; Karuta and rodent boy Banri.

Still, we mustn’t forget that they are all Ayakashi, and that they tend to attract other, evil Ayakashi. This proved to be the case when Ririchiya was targeted by a water-type Ayakashi. This Ayakashi, also known as “wet woman” (because her hair is always wet, don’t get any strange idea’s), mounted an attack on Ririchiyo with the intention to kill her. She was backed up by Banri and his arsenal of pointless techniques. Well, they aren’t all pointless, seeing as that multiplication technique of his managed to create a small window of opportunity for Ririchiyo to attack.

Do you know what I hate most about an opponent that attack’s like that without notice? An opponent that gets defeated after attacking without giving his/her opponent any notice, only to stand up again and do the exact same thing. It’s a vicious and endless circle of utter defeat; sneak attack -> defeat -> stand up again -> sneak attack -> defeat. My god, will you just die already? Still, it was good that Karuta-chan was close by during that time, because she revealed her Ayakashi state to normal humans in order to save Ririchiyo and Banri from falling down.

Now I’m not sure if that has any consequences, because I haven’t heard of any (unwritten) laws that Ayakashi must follow. I guess we’ll have to keep watching in order to find out, huh? Oh, by the way… we saw Ririchiyo fight again, and it was pretty cool, wasn’t it? But wouldn’t you like to see her go completely wild? I’m not going to read the manga in order to find out what happens, but I really want to know what she’s capable of, seeing as a lot of people are interested in her, and not just because of her family’s wealth.

Inu x Boku SS episode 06 screencaps

  1. Haha I laughed so hard when she came up to Ririchiyo-chan and said “I love you” so cuteeeeeeee~

    Karuta is also my most favorite character in Inu x Boku Secret Service because she’s so quiet and calm plus her ayakashi form looks awesome 😛

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