Mar 16, 2012

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Inu x Boku SS episode 10

It happened. I finally encountered an Inu x Boku SS episode that rendered me speechless. Not only was I spot-on about my suspicions from last week, but I think I actually found several pieces that have been missing from this beautiful puzzle that we have to know and love as Inu x Boku SS. Boy will I sleep well tonight, hehe.

The episode started, as I already foresaw last week, with Kagerou and his ridiculous need to categorize everything as masochist and sadist.  I’m absolutely (not) shocked at this turn of events. He even took Ririchiyo-chan with him to dinner, forcing her to miss her long-awaited coffee appointment with Soushi, in the hopes of telling her something important. I’m sure he wanted to tell her, but it became very difficult with Karuta and Banri there, so he ended up playing his little categorizing game. Doing that in front of your friends is bad enough, but in front of strangers in a public restaurant is just too much. No wonder Banri and Ririchiyo wanted to go home.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Ririchiyo, after her exciting dinner with the S&M squad, went over to Soushi’s apartment to apologize for Kagerou’s actions. This turned very ugly when Soushi acted like a total douchebag. He behaved like a total jerk, focused her attention to their contract and asked her uncomfortable questions, knowing that she wouldn’t like it.

What the hell? I don’t think its jealousy, because Soushi knows exactly why Kagerou took her out to dinner. I think he’s just thrown off because Kagerou hasn’t told her yet. I’m not sure, but I have a feeling that I know what this is about. I think that Soushi, seeing as he used to be Kagerou’s servant, wrote Ririchiyo-chan all those letters when she was still little. I’m sorry, allow me to rephrase that last part; when she was a little bit smaller than she is now.

This led to a conflict between Soushi and Kagerou. Soushi wanted his permission to tell Ririchiyo personally, but Kagerou, despite Soushi’s begging, refused. That’s when Soushi decided to turn up the heat and go all Ayakashi on his ass. It was pretty fun to watch. It surprised me a little bit that Kagerou had horns too, just like Ririchiyo-chan. I just wish that they would fight seriously, instead of goofing around like that.

Anyway… This is it! Next week’s is going to be awesome, I just know it! Soushi, providing I’m right, is going to reveal to her that he was the one responsible for those letters, which is why he claims he knows her so well. Ririchiyo, being a very shy girl that has been constantly lied to, will probably take this very badly. I just hope that she won’t give up on him, at least not yet. It would be a shame if she went back to her old ways. Ahh~ I don’t want to wait another week…

Inu x Boku SS episode 10 screencaps

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