Jan 7, 2013

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Ishida to Asakura

How dare you, Japan? How dare you hurt my eyes, taint my image of anime and rob me of my two precious minutes!? I cannot believe this was animated. Who benefits from this? People that actually like this sort of thing should not be allowed to reproduce.

Ishida to AsakuraThe artwork isn’t the problem here. Sure, it’s by no means good. It looks horrible, very lazy and kind of heavy on the eyes. The main character, Asakura, looks like an African, child-eyed mutant. Not to mention his personality.

Let me say here and now that I’m fully aware of the fact that this is a mere two minute per episode gag anime short. That doesn’t give people the right, just because it’s an anime short, to go messing around by actually airing this crap.

I don’t recommend this. Absolutely not. Don’t even think that it’s okay to watch, even though it’s not good, because it’s only two minutes. Two minutes is a lot, people. I can do a lot in two minutes. I’m probably going to make any future children in (under) two minutes, should I ever get drunk enough to want any, of course.

Just. Don’t. Do. It.

Plot Summary: Anime adaptation of the surreal gag manga about two high school boys, Ishida and Asakura.

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