Jan 24, 2015

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Wow, what a surprise. It took Isuca a few weeks, mainly due to it only having ten episodes, but it’s finally here. Ecchi anime is always welcome on my computer and this one is no exception. I watched it, I enjoyed it.

IsucaThe artwork honestly isn’t bad. The level of detail is not at all disappointing, the characters look pretty interesting, although the protagonist looks a bit plain, and the level of ecchiness isn’t all that bad. It’s not about fan service, which is a good thing.

Like I just said; it’s not at all about fan service. There is a good story behind this all. I only saw the first episode just now, but the story piqued my interest.

Ecchi and supernatural fans; eat your hearts out. I know I will be watching this and I know a lot of others will be watching this, too. I think this will prove to be an interesting piece with a lot of funny and interesting scenes.

Plot Summary: Asano begins work as the housekeeper for the old family of Shimazu, where he meets the ill-mannered, selfish, beautiful Sakaya. She is actually the 37th head of the Shimazu family in charge of sealing away monsters with Spirit Archery. Discovering that he has the powers of “true names” and “true eyes,”Asano becomes wrapped up in Sakaya’s battle with the monsters as her assistant.

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