Aug 13, 2011

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Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi episode 06

Okay.. Well, I have to admit, this episode was a bit of a let down. I wasn’t really amused and there was very little to no action.

I found this anime a bit amusing to begin with, but if it keeps going like this, then I might just not finish watching it. I actually got bored for a bit, while watching this episode. The only thing that kept me going was Mirai’s funnyness.

So Taito finally realized that he’s too weak to protect Himea. So Taito, in hopes of getting stronger, set out and defeated boxing champions, karate champions and whatnot, not realizing that he was facing regular humans.

Then the issue of dating comes up and suddenly Himea and Mirai are both looking to go out on a date. Gekkou decided to make use of this ‘date’ by undoing spells that have been placed all over town, and that was pretty much all the action in this episode. Like I said, a big let down.

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