Jul 12, 2014

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I got it right first time! I told myself that this, Jinsei, would be mediocre at the very best and I was completely spot-on! I don’t want to sound like I’m overreacting, but finishing the first episode without skipping through it was quite the challenge.

JinseiI’m a bit disappointed by how plain the characters look. Pretty much all of them. Yuuki, Rino, Fumi… I would not be able to recognize either one of them if you put them in a line-up. Well, maybe I would recognize Rino if she was wearing her glasses and white coat, but that’s about it.

I’m afraid that the story isn’t that much better. I got really bored there. That little competition with the water balloons was pretty funny, but it ends there.

I honestly didn’t expect much more from this one, and I don’t usually talk badly about ecchi anime unless they really do disappoint. I’m afraid I cannot recommend this one.

Plot Summary: Yuki joins his school’s Newspaper Club and is put in charge of the advice column. Part of his task is to mediate between the 3 girls who are the staff of the advice column, who are often at odds, and choose the best answer to the questions.

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