Jul 10, 2015

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Jitsu wa Watashi wa

This one is going to be a little tough to review seeing as the first episode was a little messy to be honest. You are given a vague idea of what the show is about, but it ends there. So many question marks pop up after seeing this episode…

Jitsu wa Watashi waThe artwork is alright. I’ll be honest; Youko looks a little weird to be honest. She has green hair, orange eyes, I believe, and a red/blue outfit. It makes her look a little strange. But hey, I like what I’m seeing so far.

It’s an interesting story, I’ll give them that. Not entirely original I must admit, seeing as there are plenty of similar shows out there, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting enough to follow. Just pour in enough comedy and romance and it’ll be fine.

People that like romance and vampires will probably like this. Comedy fans might also enjoy this sort of thing. I’m giving the second episode another go.

Plot Summary: Asahi Kuromine has a crush on a cute girl named Yōko Shiragami. Shiragami just happens to be a vampire. Asahi cannot keep a secret, but he is determined to keep Shiragami’s secret anyways.

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