Apr 19, 2012

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Jormungand episode 02

Hehe, I doubt that anyone would be surprised if I were to write about Jormungand. It turned out to be an interesting piece, so why not. I think that this anime is the closest thing to Black Lagoon right now. Some might say that this show contains too much comedy for it to be compared to something like Black Lagoon, but I respectfully disagree. Jormungand is a very good alternative.

This episode, pretty much like the first, was filled with action. I even thought that Koko would get killed at one point. I guess that I might actually get to hold my breath every now and then. Also, is it just me or are their “missions” getting a little bit more complicated. I think it’s fine that they introduce new characters with whom Koko, one of the main characters, has had previous encounters, but at least tell us, the viewers, more about it. How could I possibly guess who is and who isn’t an old acquaintance of Koko? This episode left me with quite a few questions.

Then there’s Johnathan, the latest addition to Koko’s team. I noticed that he’s getting a lot more talkative, and that he’s getting used to living by Koko’s side. I think that’s interesting because he doesn’t strike me as the type of character whose personality would change so easily. He may still hate guns, sure, but he seems to be smiling a lot more lately.

Anyway, I enjoyed this week’s episode a lot. My expectations are at an all-time high, which is actually a good thing. I don’t care if all my wishes are met or not, seeing as I tend to set the bar impossibly high, but I do wish to see as many holes filled as possible before the anime ends. Please, don’t let it be like Zero no Tsukaima, don’t let it end with so many things left uncovered. That and that alone is all I ask, nothing more.

Jormungand episode 02 screencaps

  1. ericmreitz says:

    I just started watching after i came across a post of season 2

    will be letting u know what i think 😀

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