Apr 26, 2012

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Jormungand episode 03

Quite the interesting development we have here. I think one of the characters in this episode resembled another character in the previous episode. That is usually not a good sign, especially since it wasn’t an “x years ago” scene. But I forgive them. I’m fine for as long as I get to keep seeing Johna and Koko together.

This episode revolved around a dreadful pair of psychopaths that call themselves Orchestra. They’re just two psycho’s that like to shoot at things, one of which could actually be an total pervert, and it’s not even the guy this time. Sick. Why did I see a high school girl shooting at people, going commando and following the every command of some middle-aged man? Seriously, only in Jormungand (and Japan). Not that I’m complaining! What kind of guy would complain about naked high school girls (18+ plus girls (just to be on the safe side))?

I liked how Johnathan is laughing more and more. Everyone noticed it. He seems to be growing more and more attached to Koko, which could actually prove to be a little bit problematic. Although I think that his relationship with Lehm got a little bit worse. Lehm didn’t like it when Johna charged towards those two gun nuts without thinking things over. Lehm got angry because he was about to throw away his life. Good for Lehm, let him put that little idiot in his place. Koko probably would’ve done the same thing.

Hmm, you can say whatever you want about those guys, but they do care about each other (to some degree). It has been said that everyone in Koko’s team has screw loose somewhere. That being said, I think that they are still the sanest characters I’ve seen thus far. They are gun nuts as well, but they don’t strike me as psychopaths. Perhaps they hide it well? Also, I have become a big fan of Sofia. She looks awesome, especially her wolf-like eye.

Jormungand episode 03 screencaps

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    Jonah is the best

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