May 31, 2012

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Jormungand episode 08

Jormungand claims yet another good episode, how fortunate. This was the eighth episode and I’m still not getting tired of watching, at all. In fact, I’m actually looking forward to the next episode. News of a possible second season should be arriving any day now, I’m sure of it.

I know I said that the episode was good, but one of the characters in it annoyed me a lot. The episode revolved around Koko’s trade. How she sells weapons, acquires them, how she deals with competition… It was awesome. Koko never seizes to amaze me. She actually managed to get control over Scarecrow’s newest partner, that pretty blonde. Now that’s just bad ass!

However, that’s not what the episode was about. It was mainly about what happened after that. Koko’s clients kept declining her trade after that annoying woman beat her to it. Seriously, that old goat was everywhere. And it’s not all that surprising, seeing as she was tapping Koko’s phone, and therefor knew her entire schedule, allowing her to beat her to it. Play fair? Nah, not when there’s weapons and money involved.

Koko got pretty depressed over it for a little while. She kept thinking of ways to make a comeback. She shut herself in her room for two days and nights, formulating the perfect plan to get back at her. Koko’s idea was to confuse that old goat. She knew that she was being tapped, so she led her off track a bit. In the meantime she manipulated a lot of people into buying drones and whatnot, which caused all the clients to come back to her. Brilliant! Did you see the look on that old goat’s face? Awesome. No, fantastic. Hell no, it was orgasmic! I always love it when I see a cheater bite the dust.

I was pretty surprise to see that that old goat called Koko and arranged a meeting. Koko knew that there would be snipers there, but that they probably wouldn’t be hers. She may be a lying cheat, but she’s not experienced enough to think that far ahead. She should be lucky that Koko is such a forgiving person (yeah, that’s right, I just said that). She could’ve easily killed both her and her bodyguard, but she didn’t. That’s what separates Koko from your average killer. She doesn’t enjoy killing people, and will only kill in the first place if she has no other alternative. I can hardly wait to see how she will entertain us next.

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  1. Lasagna delivery guy says:

    how can you say that? I thought the episode was rather disappointing

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