Jun 7, 2012

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Jormungand episode 09

Interesting episode. Very interested episode indeed. I was actually expecting some else entirely, but this was way better. Not so much because of the action, no, not this time. Comedy ruled the episode this time, and I am truly happy it did.

The episode started out pretty casually with the team’s vacation. Sure, it was short-lived, but that’s not the issue here. The issue is that everyone was in their bathing suits, enjoying the sun and whatnot. This means that Koko and Sofia were wearing very charming bikini’s, which caused for quite a stir amongst the male members of the team. They all wanted to ‘play’ with Sofia, but none of them could get close enough. Those who tried got beaten up by her. I must admit that she’s quite the sexy lady, but her body is simply off-putting. She is built like a brick chicken house, which is something that some men might find charming, but not me.

Now, this week’s mission was pretty simple. Smuggle ten doctors to a country that doesn’t want them. I didn’t even realize that they were doctors until they said so. I was pretty convinced that I was looking at badass soldiers. Still, anyone would become a bit of a badass when you see the things that they see on a regular basis. Those doctors ended up as cargo on a military grade plane, but got surprised by the local authorities right away. It seems like someone tipped them off about their arrival. There’s no point in wondering by whom, as it could be anyone.

Things are about to get a little messy. Koko usually does her best to avoid conflict, but she didn’t have much choice. She had only two options; surrender the doctors to those military goons or save those doctors by shooting those military goons. Seriously, why do they always save the best for last? The episode ended just as Koko gave the order to fire. Why damn you, why!? Aren’t we entitled to some beautiful action? Next week’s episode better be worth the hellish wait!

Jormungand episode 09 screencaps

  1. baklavaking says:

    say what you will but i think she look pretty hot 😀 and dont think that koko is scared to pull the trigger because she will when she has to

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