Jun 14, 2012

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Jormungand episode 10

Now this was an awesome episode! I was pretty bummed out when last week’s ended without us seeing any action, but this week’s episode more than made up for that. This entire episode was almost nothing but action, which is one of the reasons why we watch Jormungand, isn’t it?

So yeah, the general’s forces were wiped out almost instantly by Koko and her team, which is strange, because Koko and her team were all standing outside with those soldiers. None of Koko’s men got hurt, yet almost all of those soldiers got killed on sight. I really found that rather odd, especially since Koko and her team just stood there. They didn’t lie down. They didn’t crouch. They didn’t zigzag or dodged for cover. No, they just stood there and emptied every magazine they had on them. One would expect at least one injured person, let alone casualties. But no, everyone was just fine afterwards.

That crazy general took that doctor and fled during the shooting, but he didn’t get far. Koko and her team got on a plane, shot their canon in order to render the enemy anti-air useless and gave Scarecrow and his cute little sidekick the location of the General, a man with a huge bounty on his head, after rescuing the doctor. It must be hell to be part of that team. Sure, you get to be bossed around by a hot woman, but that is the only upside (for some men and perhaps some women too).

Koko, during one episode, managed to complete her mission, kill a small army of trained soldiers, apprehend a wanted ex-general and earn some extra money. The episode sounds so epic when you read it like that, huh? That leaves me worrying about the end a bit. There are two episodes left, and yet I see no possible ending for all of this. Will Johnathan kill Koko’s brother? Will Koko succeed in this business? Will Sofia get to play with Koko’s naked body? Who knows!? Only two episodes left…

Jormungand episode 10 screencaps

  1. I think it would be awesome to be part of their team if I didn’t have to kill myself 😛

  2. Redlined says:

    Guess you missed the news that Jormungand’s set to have a total of two seasons, i.e. another batch of episodes in Autumn. So no worries there!

    This season will end with the middle of Vol. 6 of the manga, exactly halfway of the entire series.

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