Jun 21, 2012

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Jormungand episode 11

My god, what a nerve-racking episode this turned out to be. I have a very, very bad feeling about how they’re going to end this season. It’s like with Fate/Zero, where they end the first season in the middle of things, only so that the next season can finally finish the story.

We all know that Koko’s profession is dangerous as hell, and that people like her are constantly being targeted by others. That is why Koko, like many other arms dealers, is constantly surrounded by her companions. That picture soon got shot to hell when Sofia decided to leave and visit a town where she used to fight.  Jonah tagged along too, just to make sure that she doesn’t do anything stupid and that she returns to Koko’s side at the end of her little trip. I’m not so sure I like that thought though. I would like to think that Sofia, just like any else, should be able to go wherever she/he wants. Then again, Sofia isn’t like most people, is she?

Things soon turned for the worse when a group of three maniacs decided to kill Koko. However, that proved to be quite the challenge, as Koko is constantly with one (or more) of her men. So yeah, it wasn’t easy.  They decided to wait until nightfall, knowing that Koko’s crew was incomplete, and stormed the hallways of her motel with guns blazing. Those three are even crazier than Koko’s lot, and that says something!

Truthfully; I fear for Koko’s wellbeing. These guys are not amateurs and they certainly mean business. They already took out Lehm and were working on Ugo. It doesn’t look good for him, but I hope he doesn’t get killed. It really makes me wonder about how they’re going to end this. Jonah and Sofia are far away doing god only knows what, Koko is alone in her room and the others are losing one by one. No, it does not look good for the gang.

Jormungand episode 11 screencaps

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  2. dubmecrazy3 says:

    I heard some of the lyrics from an anime i was watch on episode 11 at the end when they are previewing the next episode (Not the end theme song).The name of the anime is Jormungand.Ok so here is some of the lyrics “Her name is coco she is loco” then it just cuts out but the song had a nice beat to it so i said “eh what the hell.”

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