Oct 19, 2012

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Jormungand: Perfect Order episode 02

That pretty much settles it; Jormungand’s season two is definitely a must-write. I had a feeling when I saw the first episode, but this season’s story is a lot better. The story was a little bit vague in the first season. It took quite a while before you realized what they were trying to accomplish. You don’t have to worry about that now, as this season is pretty clear in all that.

Truthfully, not much has changed since the first season. Koko and her crew are still very busy trying to buy and sell weapons, Jonah is still trying to find his way and people are still trying to kill Koko. The only thing that really changed is Koko’s enemies. Hell, not even that much has changed. They were going after her for some time now, but they let her do as she pleased because she proved to be quite useful.

Koko’s not the type to fall for someone else’s plans though. She always has plans of her own to outsmart her enemies, especially now that she’s aware of the people that are after her, not to mention that crazy b*tch that’s after Jonah.

I’ll say it here and now; I don’t like the idea of Jonah getting killed. That character was one of the reasons as to why I kept watching Jormungand. I find that little guy interesting and overall very amusing. The kid can shoot alright, but he can’t hold his own against that psycho that’s going to come after him. But hey, it’s pretty well-known that he’s Koko’s favourite, and that is why he has become that psycho’s target.

Also, I don’t like that “R” guy. He has been with Koko and her crew for some time now, but he’s actually an undercover CIA agent. I’m pretty sure Koko already knows that. She’s very smart and can read people pretty well. But that makes things all the more complicated. There must be a reason as to why she keeps him around, even if she didn’t know about his true identity. Damn, I can’t wait to find out.

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