Oct 26, 2012

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Jormungand: Perfect Order episode 03

About time! I have been waiting all day for this week’s episode of Jormungand. There was a 360P version out, but I refused to insult Jormungand by watching it like that. It deserves to be watched in high definition. And yes, this episode was definitely worth the wait.

We all came to learn that R was actually a government spy, apparently sent to keep an eye on Koko and her “master plan”. No one probably knows about her master plan or why she launched so many rockets. However, it’s certain that we will see a whole lot more action, especially now that Koko’s serious after having lost a friend.

That brings me to the following question; how dangerous is Koko when she’s mad? We know that she’s great with a gun, and we know that she’s a great tactician and we also know that she’s a great leader. What exactly is she capable of? That’s what I want to know, personally.

A lot of things happened since Jormungand first started, yet one thing has always been the same. Koko loves her team, especially Jonah, her favourite. She made that very clear by taking revenge on Hex, the woman that killed R by driving a bullet through his head. Koko wouldn’t normally do that. She’s more of a schemer and tries to avoid killing people as much as she can.

Anyway, what I liked most about this episode was not the drama, not the action and not the fact that Jormungand is about to get a whole lot better. I liked the fact that R, one of Koko’s friends, died. I know that sounds dreadful, but that’s a good thing. I absolutely hate it when the ‘good guys’ constantly win. A story where the main characters experience a great loss is far more realistic and beautiful. I hope they can keep it up!

Jormungand: Perfect Order episode 03 screencaps

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