Nov 16, 2012

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Jormungand: Perfect Order episode 06

Oh, thank god! I had a really bad feeling during the first half of this episode. I thought that I misjudged the story. I thought that we, the viewers, were going to have to watch Koko lose one of her crew members after the other. That would’ve been terrible. Killing one or two characters would be the max for me. After all, Jormungand revolves around a small group of gun merchants, not after one or two people.

We all know him, Tojo, one of Koko’s devoted crewmembers. He has always been a strange person. He’s not very trigger-happy, doesn’t rush to get his hands stained with blood and he strikes me as the planning type of person. There would’ve been no point in killing that character at this point, especially not because of his past, which wasn’t all that bad (compared to the others).

We were all led to believe that Tojo’s former boss, the leader of the SR Squad, Hinoki, was behind the attack on Koko’s crew. But no, they were acting out of their own free will. Their only objective was to kill Tojo, whom they believed was a traitor for having left their squad. It’s a little sad that people would want to kill someone because of something like that, especially since Tojo has never revealed anything about them during these past few years.

Also, what is up with that reputation about them being silent ghosts? Which part of this made them silent ghosts? They rushed into Kasper’s hotel to assassinate him with loud, big guns. They tried to kill Tojo and other members of Koko’s crew with loud, big guns and armoured vehicles. Who was it that gave them that reputation in the first place? I would really like to know.

Anyway, it’s the ending that threw me off. There had been a rumour going around about the SR Squad’s leader, Hinoki, having a family and whatnot. This turned out to be true, so what? Why so it to us? It almost looked like he was using his daughter as a token of good faith to show them that he comes in peace. Very strange indeed…

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