Dec 7, 2012

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Jormungand: Perfect Order episode 09

Jormungand is slowly becoming a maze of stories. You think you are on the right track, when suddenly a new story pops up that throws you completely off course. It just makes it a lot harder for me to write a proper review.

I was led to believe that Koko and Kasper were partners. Koko launched the satellites for his communication network and Kasper did the rest. Now it seems that Koko has very little to do with HCLI, and that she doesn’t even use any of HCLI’s money. Maybe she does it to stay under the radar, but that wouldn’t matter. Everyone with influence knows of Koko and her business, so what would be the point of staying under the radar? It’s quite clear that Koko has plans of her own, plans that she, from what we’ve seen, must fulfil at any cost.

Koko’s crew members have noticed it as well. She’s becoming wilder with each passing episode. The death of one of her crewmembers must have been a lot harder on her than we thought. And spare me the pointless E-mails! We all know that that’s the reason, because she started acting this way when she lost one of her comrades.

Either way, everyone’s staying by her side. They’ll follow her everywhere, even to a top secret detainment facility. They are dead-set on rescuing a hacker, a woman that known to hack government computers and spread all sorts of secret information. It doesn’t take a genius to find out why Koko wants someone like her. I just hope that she won’t lose any more of her friends due to her carelessness.

Jormungand: Perfect Order episode 09 screencaps

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